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Give-away free food in New Castle, THE I-AM Ministries 501(c)(3), top charity Organization; Founded 1994

  • We give away free food,  free clothing to men,women and children who are  less-fortunate in our communities! 

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"Encounters with the Supernatural," is the story of my life. I talk about the poverty, rejection, and struggles I endured as a child and how the supernatural gift to "See," helped to sustain me. Moreover, how each experience, of foreseen events and its accurate manifestation, built faith in my heart towards God. As a result of knowing that there was more to life than my pain of suffering; it gave me hope to keep on living.


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 WORDS can build you up and WORDS can tear you down. Scientifically, words are electromagnetic fields that have the ability to affect every trillion cells in your body. The Bible states that WORDS are spirit and they are life. Words become thoughts and eventually become habits and memory. Moreover, 

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Not only do we give the homeless; less-fortunate a drink but we Give-away food, Give-away clothing and provide educational guidance.  We serve the whole man, body, soul, and mind.  Amen! 

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We are feeding and clothing the homeless and less-fortunate

We are feeding and clothing the homeless in our communities.  Please Give to the less-fortunate

Help us with our mission to give food donations and clothes to the homeless and less-fortunate in our communities.

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  1.  The I-AM Ministries   

“THE I-AM” is the strongest statement in the universe. Whatever is put in front of “The I-AM,” will become a reality!   THE I-AM is the unique name of our creator, God. In the honor of our creator we have named this organization. We sincerely believe that everything belongs to God and the things that we have in our possessions are just a temporary loan. We, The I-AM Ministries Team feels privilege that God has chosen us as an organization, a Body of Believers to represent his name here in earth.   The I-AM Ministries is a 501(c) (3) Tax-exempted organization with the IRS. We began our mission in 1994 and established in the year of 2003. 

We are located in the heart of New Castle County Delaware.   



  • God gave everybody the gift of faith and that’s where all creation began in our lives. First, we paint the dream in our imagination and then create that dream in reality.

 Everything is created twice once on the mental plane and then the physical plane.   Do you know that the internet was created by somebody’s imagination? You must ask yourself this question; how do you really want to live? Did you know your imagination will take your there.  Many paints a dream in their imagination but some habit locked up in the subconscious pops up and you let the dream go.   Unfortunately, the problem is, we build the picture of how we really want to live and our Paradigm knocks that right out of our minds? Why? Because paradigm tells us we can’t do it.   You see the paradigm are like a group of little monkeys in your head that keeps on talking to you and keep telling you why you can’t do something. The Paradigm don’t want a change; the Paradigm is a multitudes of a bunch of habits like unto culture. Therefore, we need to develop our higher factors. HOW TO OVERCOME OUR PARADIGM AND MAINTAIN FAITH

  •   First, we need to know that the Paradigm is false and need to make a shift in our thoughts to something positive. You should do so every time you have this experience until you finally overcome your Paradigm and strengthen your faith.  Afterwards, you will be able to create your dream without interference from your Paradigm.   

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Charity in New Castle

Give-away free food in New Castle

Give-away free clothing in New Castle

THE I-AM Ministries in New Castle

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