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Jesus said; When I was hungry did you feed me?

When facing hungrered

THE I-AM Ministries can assist you.

In need of financial assistance to  help pay bills?  We can help.

Free food give-away and  

Free clothes give-away

Food Closet, pantry 

Homeless; shelter referral 

Open:  Monday -Thursday 

           10 a.m.- 4 p.m.


The Festival of the Lord's Supper 

Is a outreach program  conducted by the I-AM Ministries based on Luke 14:11.  In addition to what we do year round;  we set aside two Saturdays a month, as funds permits, to invite all the homeless, hungry, less-fortunate  on the streets to the  Festival  of the Lord's Supper.  We give free food away, clothing, and minister to their needs, spiriturally and physically. There will be gospel music and the Word.   Most importantly we give them information on educational  resources to further their education. 


THE I-AM Ministries is a  501(c)(3), Nonprofit, Tax-exempted  Organization.  Founded  in 1994 and established in 2003.   We do not discriminate against anyone and accept all race, color, creed, religion, and sexual perference.  All are welcome!

We serve the New Castle County area  of Delaware.

Contact:  302-397-8198, Office 

302-220-6430, Cell

Candy E. Watkins, CEO/President